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Construction and design professionals have come to rely on Lettermans document management solutions for capturing, organizing, and distributing information throughout the life cycle of their projects.

For the bidding process, choose from either a traditional paper distribution system or the cloud-based BidConnect e-distribution service. Both are powerful tools that allow you to focus on the bottom line, while we take care of putting the most current project information available into the hands of the right people.

If you’re looking for similar levels of accountability and traceability in a document management program, there’s ProjectPro. It’s an internet-based hub for all of your project information including submittals, ASIs, RFIs, and project communications. Project closeout has never been easier.


  • Reduces traditional reproduction costs by 25 to 40 percent.
  • Acceptable by the State Office of Facility Planning and Control.
  • Ensures broadest possible participation, including disadvantaged businesses.
  • Converts to a private project application for use during construction administration.


  • Create and distribute submittals to the entire team.
  • Review, comment, and approve electronically with automated, transparent timeline management for each submittal.
  • Customizable views, organize tasks by team member, showing real-time views of all informational and action items on the project.

 Why is all of this important?

According to a study conducted by BAE Systems, an international aerospace and security firm, 80 percent of its employees wasted an average of 30 minutes per day doing nothing else but retrieving documents.
More alarming was the fact that 90 percent of its corporate memory existed on paper and nearly 11 percent of its documents were routinely lost or misfiled.

Letterman’s document management services can reverse these trends. While the technology alone is exciting, the people and personalities behind Letterman’s are your real value. You will always deal directly with a qualified team member.

You simply won’t find an easier way to save money, win work, improve information security, and promote sustainability from within your business.