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The whole process felt seamless. Lettermans paid attention to detail and worked with us from preconstruction to opening day.

It’s not a matter if we’ll use them again. We won’t open our next location without them.

Charlie Henry

owner, FinBomb

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For decades, we’ve served Baton Rouge businesses and we take pride in helping local owners succeed. Our experts identify all the possibilities, so you realize you vision in print.

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Fast Facts

  • The most cost-effective and efficient forms of advertising to potential customers is signage and graphics.
  • The viewer of a message displayed on an outdoor structure may act immediately upon an informational or directional message.
  • The role of commercial signage has been elevated to one of paramount importance to both the individual business and the community at large.
  • In the U.S. retail economy, on-premise business signage symbolizes the most universal of all advertising options, surpassing television, radio, print, and direct mail.

Source: U.S. Small Business Association study, “Showcasing Your Business on the Street”

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