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Are your in-house printing costs chewing away at your bottom line? With Lettermans’ Cost Recovery Solutions, you can take that expense and turn it into a profit center.

Our Argos software deploys across your network to track every print, scan, and copy you make and assigns them to your projects. At the end of each month, you can run statements that provide detailed accounting of every print, scan, and copy you generate on your projects and bill those charges back to your clients – we can even integrate the reports directly into most accounting software so there’s no manual data input required.

Imagine thousands of pages of documents that move through your office printers every month being turned into a revenue stream with the click of a mouse!

For Firms of Any Size

Argos is being used and implemented by some of the largest companies as well as small and mid-sized firms. This software has the ability to handle print accounting for companies of all sizes. In addition, Argos integrates with Deltek, BST, and Oracle which helps for a more seamless monthly billing cycle.

Benefits of Argos

Argos is designed to make printing and accounting as easy as possible. Rather than  keeping up with tedious costs, Argos allows users to bill copy costs from your desktop! In addition, it features a single print queue, which helps the documents that are important to your company remain safe and secure.

The ERP Integration with Argos helps billing data accuracy, saving your team precious time. Built with AEC companies in mind, Argos is an incredible software, that tracks print and copy costs, while integrating and utilizing existing accounting software and processes, resulting in more accurate, more accountable, and more seamless automation and billing data. Want more information on our Print software solutions? Email! Download the Spec Sheet on Argos Cost recovery here!